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Photo Dump

I haven’t had a lot of opportunities for photography lately, but here’s what I do have.

This is the entrance to Chinatown in DC, shot from outside RFD Washington.

We went to a farm and picked apples and pumpkins! I think we ended up with more than twenty pounds of apples.

Lauren getting her own picture of pumpkins.

Stay tuned – I should have a sketch dump coming soon!

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Rotoscoping Attempt

One of my favorite webcomics is Basic Instructions. A while back, the author’s wife posted a tutorial on assembling a BI strip, including his particular art style: rotoscoping. It basically entails tracing the important bits out of an actual photo, so you end up with a cartoony version of the picture. I decided to try it with the photo I use several places online (top) and post the results (bottom). I’m pretty happy with it, though I can’t seem to get the nose right no matter how hard I try. I went back through the archives and it looks like Scott Meyer never actually depicts any of his characters face-on — I think now I know why…

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Grand Introductions

Hi, my name is Sam and I’m an alcoholic writing about my art. I have another blog, but that was conceived mainly as a tech blog (I’m a software engineer), so I’ve split this one off to cover my more creative side. I plan to show my progress in sketching, music, writing, what have you.

I’m not sure yet if I’ll have any regular features, but I do hope to have at least a weekly dump of anything interesting I’ve done, starting here in a few days.

This week, I’m sketching with brush and ink. I’ve been reading Russ Stutler’s website and especially his article on the Japanese sumi-e style. Then, Lauren and I found a Hobby Lobby (which I haven’t seen since we moved here last year), so I celebrated by buying some ink and a couple of cheap brushes and trying them out. For the left sketch, I used one of those brushes and some Noodler’s ink I already had (conveniently pulling double duty as the subject of my sketch). On the right I used the brushes with my new ink, a set of Winsor & Newton drawing inks that I have been eying up for months now. For the black figure I used a wide-nib dip pen for accuracy.

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