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A Note on Copyrights

I have some beliefs and philosophies that may seem contradictory. I have a day job as a programmer, and my current primary hobby is the creative work you see here on this blog. My main source of current and future income is the sale of copyright-protected works. At the same time, I read the news. […]

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Short Fiction

He hadn’t really considered what would happen next. It all went so quickly; the fork in the road, the split-second decision, the immediate doubt. Where did this lead; where would it take him? Well, now he knew. He took a moment to consider his life up to this point. His carefree childhood, his stressful schooldays, […]

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Photo Dump

I really wish spring would arrive… Merry Christmas! Fun with exposure times and a record player. This is our little table-top Christmas tree. Hi, Chang! Uh, hi, Molly… We bolted Lauren’s camera to the table, then the table to the ceiling along with all the other furniture… Fun with focus. More exposure time experimentation. I […]

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I Never Saw Another Butterfly

Holocaust Museum Houston is collecting handmade butterflies for an exhibit to remember the 1,500,000 children who perished in the Holocaust. Their goal is to have one butterfly for each and every child who died. Please take some time and make one for them. They will accept any medium (barring food and glitter). I am sending […]

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JetPens Haul!

Christmas this year brought a bit of cash, and I spent nearly all of it at JetPens, my new favorite place. I’m going to list it all out, because it was just that cool. Makes me really wish they had an affiliate program… First, the pens and ink. From left to right, we have: 1. […]

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The Chase

In the distance flees my quarry While I ponder upon my story. This chase of mine is slowed by nary A stop upon my mind’s vast prairie. I time my hunt with proper cadence, Watching for my foe’s appearance. If I should hope to bring him to, I must be sharp, my vice subdued. As […]

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First Watercolor Sketch

Today I did my first sketch with watercolors. I worked from a photo of DC’s Chinatown that I took a couple months ago. First I sketched it out with my brush pen, then I filled in details with my fountain pen loaded with Noodler’s black ink (for future reference: bad plan. Noodler’s wasn’t waterproof, so […]

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New Camera!

If you read my wife’s blog, you know that this year we decided to give ourselves new cameras for Christmas! She chose the great Nikon D90, but I went a little more portable and picked the Panasonic Lumix DMC-GF1. It’s not a proper DSLR, but it’s very near (interchangeable lens system, DSLR-quality sensor, etc) while […]

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Sketch Dump

Here are some sketches from the last few weeks, as I figure out what I’m doing. So far, all my sketches have been of a subject; one of these days we’ll see if I can draw something original. Won’t that be exciting! Don’t forget to click for bigger versions!

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